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So, why am I giving the course away for free?

Three reasons.

Firstly, I took the course myself. I’d tried a handful of other courses/books/podcasts but nothing really taught me anything that changed my perspective or my approach. Certainly none of them changed my success rate. I had heard of Anton Kreil and the ITPM professional trading masterclass series and had heard good things about both him and it.

After being underwhelmed with other courses, I was reticent about splashing out three grand on another one. I found someone on line offering it for $300. You can probably guess the rest. I sent the money, got nothing back.

After two unsuccessful months of thinking up ways of tracking the scam artist down, I made the decision that that prick and my naivety weren’t going to railroad my ambition. I bit the bullet and paid the $2,999 from the ITPM site.

I took the course and loved it. Read my full review here. In my opinion, if you’re serious about trading, or becoming a trader I don’t know why anyone would waste their time with anything else. I subsequently bought the Professorial Options Trading Masterclass, again from Anton Kreil and am giving that away for free here. 


The second reason I'm giving it away, is that the more people who get it from me, the fewer will send money to the xxxx who took my hard-earned dollars, and people like him.


The third reason... well, because I’m a nice guy.

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